Our Story So Far...


Your World Recruitment Launches!

Your World Recruitment launches in Sydney and, 6 months later, opens its office in London with a headcount of only 3 people.

UK Headcount: 3

2006 - Hello, London!

The team begins to grow in the UK, making London the official YW Head Office.

UK Headcount: 8


2007 - Meet The 2007 Team

The 2007 Team

2007 - Positive Steps

Your World Recruitment continues to build a presence in the UK and takes on further team members.

UK Headcount: 11

2008 - A Big Achievement

Your World achieves ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certification, demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

UK Headcount: 15

2008 - Our 2008 Team

The 2008 Team

2009 - The More, The Merrier!

The 2009 Team

2009 - Devonshire Square

Your World becomes a national authorised supplier of healthcare staff to the NHS via the PASA framework and expands to a new office in Devonshire Square, London.

UK Headcount: 24


2010 - Welcome to The UAE

Your World establishes a presence in the Middle East, growing our client base and working with Emirati nationals from various areas of the UAE.

UK Headcount: 36

2010 - The 2010 Dream Team

The 2010 Team

2011 - Our 2011 Your Worlders

The 2011 Team

2011 - Australia, Here We Come

YWH Australia PTY Ltd is formed in Sydney for Your World to expand in Australia, catering to the high demand for our services. Your World Recruitment launches the Nursing Division.

UK Headcount: 51


2012 - A Group is Born

The Your World Recruitment Group is formed, covering all of our offices and departments around the world.

UK Headcount: 75

2012 - Still Growing!

The 2012 Team

2013 - Over 100 Your Worlders...

The 2013 Team

2013 – Look out, Ireland

Your World opens an office in Dublin and welcomes the Ireland Team to the family.

UK Headcount: 110


2014 - Our Biggest Office Yet!

YWRG moves to a new location in Broadgate Tower with 146 employees, and opens the doors to a new office in Dublin, ROI. The company is awarded a 2 out of 3-star accreditation with ‘Best Companies’.

UK Headcount: 146

2014 - Bye, Bye Devonshire Square...

The 2014 Team

2015 - Hello, Broadgate Tower!

The 2015 Team

2015 - We Love Dubai

YWRG opens an office in Dubai, UAE as a base for our international operations in the Middle East.

UK Headcount: 193


2016 - Your World Ventures Further

YWRG expands to further UK offices in Plymouth and Southampton.

UK Headcount: 237

2016 - More Than 200 Your Worlders!

The 2016 Team

2017 - Our Latest Family Portrait!

The 2017 Team

2017 - Welcome a new division

YWRG welcomes one new division to its family – Your World Professional. Your World Healthcare is named ‘Best Healthcare Recruitment Company to Work for’

UK Headcount: 263

2017 - The Best Healthcare Recruitment Company to Work for!

2017 Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards

Your World Healthcare was awarded ‘Best Healthcare Recruitment Company to Work for’ at the 2017 Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards.

2018 - Your World Goes Business Casual!

The 2018 Team

UK Headcount: 272

2018 - Shortlisted for best pay and benefits strategy

2018 - Shortlisted for best pay and benefits strategy

Success Stories at Your World

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Kerrie Harniess
Kerrie Harniess Continuous Improvement Associate
X Kerrie Harniess
Kerrie Harniess Continuous Improvement Associate

"...5 years on...with my vast knowledge of compliance, process’ and Your World, I am now responsible for building, developing and implementing a new compliance system called Autologyx. Coming away from managing the team of compliance officers, I am now manging the system, and working closely with Autologyx, the compliance team and the sales team, to build the best system possible for our company. Achieving a more efficient, open and better compliance system for all to use. Your World has given me the opportunity to develop and progress within compliance, whilst also learning new transferable skills."

Alex King
Alex King Head of Marketing
X Alex King
Alex King Head of Marketing

"Starting in 2012 as Marketing Executive, I’m proud to have now climbed to Head of Marketing for Your World. Within 6 months of working here, I became the Assistant Manager and within a year and a half, I was Marketing Manager before moving onto my current position. When I started, there were certain challenges to overcome, such as building our internet presence and reaching out to new clients and candidates. With the help of my team and the company’s unique tools and facilities, internet traffic has now quadrupled."

Jamie-Lee Earl
Jamie-Lee Earl Accounts & Administration
X Jamie-Lee Earl
Jamie-Lee Earl Accounts & Administration

"I started at Your World in 2012, shortly after leaving college with my AAT Qualification and no work experience in accounts. As a result of the help and training from my manager, I now produce the monthly management accounts, group VAT returns, assist with the annual accounts and year end audit, as well as other regular reports for management and HMRC. Your World has also given me the opportunity to enrol on an apprenticeship, where I am now studying for my CIMA qualification. "

Richard Pascal
Richard Pascal Business Manager
X Richard Pascal
Richard Pascal Business Manager

"My decision to join Your World was based on their commitment to promoting individuals based on their performance as opposed to length of time in the company. My determination to progress in the company, combined with the support from my senior, enabled me to grow my desk rapidly. The working environment at Your World further fuelled me to work hard and gave me the hunger to overcome any challenges. When I was awarded the role of team leader, I felt honoured to have been given the opportunity, particularly after having been in the company 5 months. Senior members of staff made me feel continuously supported. Working at Your World is a pleasure and I hope to continue my development and looking forward to a prosperous career! "

Alex Flowerdew
Alex Flowerdew Key Accounts Director
X Alex Flowerdew
Alex Flowerdew Key Accounts Director

"I joined Your World in 2016 as a Business Development Manager for the London area. Shortly after, I was given all of our South of England clients to look after. I won Employee of the Month only five months into the job, which was a great achievement. When the company introduced the Your World Coaching programme, I was thrilled to get involved and assist our consultants with managing client meetings – something I have plenty of experience with. After a year and a half with Your World, I was promoted to Key Accounts Director and am proud to say that I’ve also been nominated for ‘Most Inspiring Support Professional’ at this year’s Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards! "

Jyoti Bacheta
Jyoti Bacheta Business Manager
X Jyoti Bacheta
Jyoti Bacheta Business Manager

"I first came to Your World in 2016 as a Nursing Recruitment Consultant. I had never worked in recruitment before and had a job in retail previously. It can be intimidating starting a new job with no experience but Your World gave me really helpful training and helped me to understand the industry and how I can make the most of each day in sales. I started with no experience just over a year ago. In that time, I’ve qualified for two incentive trips abroad, one to Marbella and one to Dubai, and I’m ranked as a top biller in Nursing."

Jessica Lovett
Jessica Lovett Senior Associate
X Jessica Lovett
Jessica Lovett Senior Associate

"Working at Your World has taken me from my starting role as a Clinical Governance Officer to my current role as a Candidate Consultant. Starting with the NMNC Team in Clinical Governance was really exciting and I couldn’t wait to work hard and reach my career goal of becoming more involved with Sales. After one year, I was promoted to a Candidate Consultant and even qualified for the company trip to Marbella!"

James Stanyer
James Stanyer Assistant Marketing Manager
X James Stanyer
James Stanyer Assistant Marketing Manager

"I started working at Your World on a temporary basis for 4 months. I never realised that within two and a half years I would have three promotions and end up as the Assistant Marketing Manager. Your World is always giving me opportunities to grow. Since being here, I’ve been on multiple training courses, the most recent of which is a management course. My success has been greatly rewarded here, including with a few awards of recognition, such as ‘Unsung Hero’. Thinking of what I’ve accomplished in the past three years, I really look forward to what the future holds."

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