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Ever thought to yourself how great it would be to find a job with high earning potential as soon as you graduate?

What if we told you it could happen? Your World is offering graduates like you the opportunity to create a fun and exciting career with us!

With specialised training in our unique Central London office, you’ll learn the art of the recruitment industry and become an expert in your field. Who knows, you could be buying that new car you’ve been lusting after within a matter of months!

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Our Graduate Successes

Kerrie Harniess
Felisha Gorsia Recruitment Coordinator Click to read my story
X Kerrie Harniess
Felisha Gorsia Recruitment Coordinator

What did you study?

I studied Marketing Communications.

What were you expecting from your first graduate job?

I expected to walk straight out of university and into a job. However, this wasn’t the case and after months of job rejections, I was offered a role with Your World and they made my first job really easy and fun.

Why is your degree useful for healthcare recruitment?

Studying marketing provided me with the tools to be able to enter the world of sales. I’m able to use my marketing skills to attract more candidates, which is an important part of the role.

Did you have recruitment experience before starting here?

I had no experience in this industry whatsoever, but I knew plenty of people who highly praised it and have been really successful, which is why I was interested in starting out with Your World.

What training were you given when you started?

I received lots of guidance and support from management and colleagues, which helped me to settle into the new environment. I also got extensive training on the tools and systems I’d need to use, and plenty of workshops to enable me to better understand my role.

How would you describe the social side of Your World?

The best! I’ve made loads of friends in a short space of time and there’s always something exciting going on. Occasions like Christmas, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day and religious festivals are celebrated to the fullest and after a month of hard work, we’re rewarded with payday socials!

What are your favourite benefits at Your World?

I really like the free gym membership and the company holidays. The company really thinks about what they can give us to improve our lives both in and out of the office. You hear some horror stories from other people about their first office – my friends are all jealous of mine!

How would you describe your first six months working here?

My time so far has been nothing but exceptional. It’s a great company to work for with an amazing environment, lots of support and plenty of guidance. They have our wellbeing in mind all the time and it shows because everyone is always happy and smiling here!

Alex King
Henry Bate Associate Click to read my story
X Alex King
Henry Bate Associate

What did you study?

Geography with Business

What were you expecting from your first graduate job?

Low pay and lots of hours, but I came in at really good pay and love the flexible hours here. The environment can be tough if you’re not willing to put the work in, but the guidance and training here helps you manage and improve on your skills.

Why is your degree useful for healthcare recruitment?

I can use Business because it’s helped me to look at margins and the finance of the business. Geography comes in handy when I’m looking for a candidate’s ideal working location. I’m definitely more confident having been to uni – I found it easier to communicate with people.

Did you have recruitment experience before starting here?

No, I didn’t have any, which I thought would single me out in the company, but lots of people like me have come in with no experience and climbed to some of the most senior positions.

What training were you given when you started?

I got plenty of training in-house as well as some external courses from the REC and other recruitment organisations.

How would you describe the social side of Your World?

This company genuinely makes an effort with the social side. Breakfast on Fridays and pay day socials are particularly good, plus there’s the Summer and Christmas events. Your World does a lot for employees, which I didn’t think I could find in a first job.

How would you describe your first six months working at Your World?

I’ve only been here around 4 months, but I’ve received a lot of support from my team. Everyone’s been helpful in getting me started and helping my desk grow.

Zoe Connors
Alice Stephenson Lead Associate Click to read my story
X Zoe Connors
Alice Stephenson Lead Associate

What did you study?

Biological Sciences

What were you expecting from your first graduate job?

I was hoping for plenty of learning experience but figured it would be pretty low pay because it was my first job, and no one expects to earn good money.

Why is your degree useful for healthcare recruitment?

I recruit for what I studied to be, so I can directly relate to clients and candidates, showing I know exactly what they’re talking about. This always makes it easier for my candidates to trust me – they know I’ve invested time into their industry.

Did you have recruitment experience before starting here?

Nope – I studied to be a Biomedical Scientist, so when I started at Your World, I only had that knowledge. Thankfully, I was given loads of guidance!

What training were you given when you started?

On top of all the in-house training, I was given the opportunity to take an Exceptional Sales Course. I was lucky enough to be trained and mentored by someone who had 10 years’ experience in this industry.

How would you describe the social side of Your World?

This place has a really good social vibe; everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcome! The pay day socials and parties always cater to everyone, which is fantastic.

How would you describe your first six months working at Your World?

It was intense and there was a lot to learn, but it was all worth it because I’ve learned a new industry from people who are really successful. You have to work hard to get to where you want to be, but that makes actually getting there all the better!

Play Work

What You Can Expect

Work socials

Work socials

All work and no play isn’t really our style, which is why we plan regular office socials. It’s a great chance to let off some steam and catch up with other Your Worlders in different departments! Past socials have included an inflatable ‘It’s a Knockout’ obstacle course, meals in top London restaurants and nights out at some of the city’s best rooftop bars!

Annual parties

Annual parties

Twice a year, we get the entire company together for a big celebration. Our Christmas and Summer events are always terrific affairs, organised by our in-house Social Committee and held in some of the best venues in and around Central London. We once had our Christmas party at the Natural History Museum, where we sipped cocktails next to a T-Rex skeleton!

Office fun

Office fun

We don’t need to be out of the office to have a great time. We hold multiple in-house events with hilarious games, tasty food and drinks to coincide with big dates in the calendar, like Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day. No matter what department you’re in, everyone can get involved!

Team culture

Team culture

We have great team culture here. The team you’re placed with will depend on where our Hiring Team feel you’re best suited. One thing you can be sure of is no matter where you’re placed, your team will always be on hand to guide and support you, so you can reach your full potential whilst making some fantastic new friends.



We’ve been shortlisted for Most Effective Pay & Benefits for three years running and that’s no coincidence! Our award-nominated benefits package is designed to give Your Worlders the best working experience possible. From a free gym membership and casual dress to work drinks and company holidays, you’ll love what we have to offer.



Did you know that we have an award-winning training and progression programme? With continual support and training from us, you could receive up to FOUR promotions in a single year (yep, it really has been done!).

Who We’re Looking For...

You don’t need to be highly experienced in the recruitment industry, but you do have to be someone who is motivated to work hard and learn new skills. Confidence is key in the recruitment world, so our ideal applicants will be comfortable talking to people both face-to-face and over the phone.

Can you show integrity, adaptability, proactiveness and professionalism when working? If so, you might be exactly who we’re looking for! Why not apply for one of our graduate roles today and see where it takes you?

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Your Journey

Your Induction

> Comprehensive 6-month Induction

Throughout your first 6 months, we will ensure you are given all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

> Business Training

You’ll gain a solid understanding of all internal business processes and be introduced to the systems you’ll be using, plus other Your Worlders who can help you progress in your new role.

> Socialising

Don’t forget to join your fellow Your Worlders for your first Pay Day Social! These monthly events are a fantastic way to meet new people from the company outside of an office environment.

Your Training

> Individualised Training Plan

A tailored training plan will be created for you to ensure you’re able to develop within your role.

> 3 Months of Desk-Level Recruitment Training

You’ll receive one-to-one training from your line manager and senior colleagues, who will be on hand to offer support and provide key tips.

> Candidate Level Training

Here, we’ll teach you how to build new relationships with the people we recruit. You’ll learn negotiation and persuasion skills to resource new candidates.

> Client Level Training

This is where you’ll understand how to approach clients and work towards lasting relationships with them.

> On-going Appraisals

Appraisals with our HR Team and your line manager help us to keep you on track and address any development needs along the way. Hopefully, you’ll be heading towards your probation pass and your first commission cheque!

Your Progression

> Admission to REC Accredited Recruitment Course

You’ll be given the chance to gain a recognised recruitment qualification while you work! Become an expert in your field with a REC accreditation.

> Internal Sales Training

We’ve made sure that our training is the best in the business. You’ll be offered the chance to learn from some of the finest professionals in the recruitment industry.

> Performance Feedback

Regular performance feedback will be given to help you continue to develop and keep you on track for achieving your professional goals.

> Continued Growth

Our progression path is completely transparent and within your control. Based on your performance and growth, you will have the opportunity to earn yourself a pay rise and a more senior job title. Thanks to our quarterly review scheme, you could achieve a promotion four times in a single year!

Working Here Has Some Great Benefits

  • The better your service to clients and candidates, the bigger your reward.

    Uncapped Commission
  • Outstanding performance deserves an outstanding reward.

    Company Holidays
  • TGIF! Who’s got first round?

    Friday Drinks
  • Keep active after a day at your desk!

    Gym Membership

Application Process

Information Session

1. Information

This is your opportunity to learn more about working in recruitment and why it’s a brilliant career path. Most importantly, you’ll hear what it’s like to work for Your World first-hand from our team.

Information Session

2. Psychometric

We’ll discover more about you, your personality and whether Your World is a great fit for you.

Information Session

3. Behavioural

You’ll meet our hiring team, who will ask you about your experience, drives and passions.

Information Session

4. Final

We’ll introduce you to the manager of the team we think you’d be best suited to.

Information Session

5. Meet
the Team

A chance to meet your future team mates and get a feel for our company culture.

Information Session

6. Your
First Day

Day 1 and the beginning of your exciting new journey with Your World Recruitment Group.


Love the sound of working for Your World? What are you waiting for – apply to become a Your Worlder today! Our Hiring Team will guide you throughout the application process, from the moment you submit your initial application to your first day on the job.

Here at Your World, we aim to create as many opportunities for people as possible! We’d just like to let you know that if you’re not quite suited to the position you’ve applied for, we may ask if you’d consider a role elsewhere in the business.

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