Meet Our Head of Talent

Harriet Lawrence

Harriet Lawrence Head of Talent

Hi, I’m Harriet!

So, you’re thinking about joining us here at Your World. That’s exactly where I come in! As the company’s Head of Talent, it’s my job to make sure we’re bringing on the best and brightest in the recruitment industry.

Making the decision to work somewhere new shouldn’t be a stressful experience. We all know that interviews can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re dealing with complete strangers. After all, they’re judging you on your personality, your professional skills and your presentation without knowing much else about you outside of your CV. That’s why I’m here; as a friendly, familiar face to guide you through our application process, from the moment you get in touch to your first day with Your World.

If you like the idea of becoming a Your Worlder and working with some of the most successful professionals in healthcare, I’m your first point of call. Send me a quick email or give me a ring for a friendly, confidential chat about starting your journey with us. Did I mention that we won ‘Best Healthcare Recruitment Company to Work for’ at the 2017 Investing in Talent Awards?

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Ace Your Interview

Spell check your CV

Small mistakes can make a big difference! Checking your CV will ensure you appear professional and proves your attention to detail.

Plan for your interview

Treat your phone interview as you would a face to face meeting by thoroughly preparing and presenting yourself in a professional, articulate manner.

Arrive on time

When attending a face to face interview, allow additional time for your journey just in case. Showing up on time assures us of your organisational skills and reliability.

Dress smart

First impressions are important so you should wear smart business clothing unless you are interviewing with us on a Friday, in which case we encourage you to wear smart/casual attire.

Keep eye contact

Showcase your confidence through positive body language; maintain eye contact, keep your arms unfolded and try to smile. This shows how you handle yourself under pressure in meetings.

Remember to breathe

Avoid rambling. Consider your most relevant attributes and examples of experience for each question, giving enough detail for your interviewer to ask more questions should they want to.

Do your research

Properly researching the company’s background and services will help you to prepare. Ensure you have a good understanding of the role you’re interviewing for and the importance of this position within our organisation.

Show your personality

We love individuality at Your World and want to get to know you better. This way we can find a position within our company that fits you perfectly. Don’t be afraid to be you.